About the Photographer - Shadows and Light

Fraser Duff


My interest in photography began as I assisted my brother in his darkroom in the 1970's. It was embedded in my soul directly as a result of the taking of photographs for my geology thesis in the late 1970's and early 1980's. From these beginnings began a love for the medium that has seen me develop my skills and win a number of awards over the years, as well as providing engineering and architectural photography services for a number of previous employers.

I have offered professional photography services for over two years now, specialising in event, commercial, product and automotive photography in particular. My personal projects include landscape, nature, wildlife and fine art photography and these interests form the basis of my input into Shadows and Light. My cameras go everywhere with me and allow me to present my personal vision to you. Have a look at the Shadows and Light Galleries; I hope you like the photographs.

Fraser Duff

Shadows and Light

by Alexander Fraser Photography

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